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Metals for Various Heat and Energy Related Applications

Global Exchanger Solutions is a source for high quality metal tubing, pipes, plates for heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, and other industrial and energy related applications. Our sourced products are all provided with standard ASME/ASTM specifications.

Metal Products We Provide:

      • Carbon and Alloy Steel Tubes, Pipes, and Plates
      • Stainless and Duplex Steel Tubes, Pipes, and Plates
      • Copper, Cupronickel, and Brass Tubes, Pipes, and Plates
      • Titanium Tubes, Pipes, and Plates
      • Nickel Alloy Tubes, Pipes, and Plates
      • Fittings, Flanges, and Valves

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For more information regarding specifications, grades, capabilities, and applications, please contact us today!

Cleaning of Heat Exchangers and Turbine Parts

Global Exchanger Solutions provides thorough cleaning services for the inner diameters of heat exchanger tubing. Using  dry abrasive cleaning is not only essential for tube ID coating applications but also provides superior results when performing NDE inspections. Additionally, we provide onsite blasting for steam and gas turbines and components.

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Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) 

As a company we provide non-destructive testing (NDT) and visual inspection services for heat exchangers. We use techniques and methods such as eddy current testing (ECT), remote field testing (RFT), near field testing (NFT), and internal rotary inspection system (IRIS).

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Tube Plugging 

We can conduct explosive and mechanical tube plugging on shell and tube exchangers. Explosive plugging involves a welding process that joins two metal surfaces permanently by moving the surfaces at a high velocity to create a bond at a predetermined attach angle. Having a tube leak in a feed water heater can lead to secondary damage and the inevitable failure of the entire component as well as costly forced outrages.

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Coating Solutions

Global Exchanger Solutions can provide coating services to extend the life of heat exchangers by reducing fouling and corrosion. 
Available coating solutions reduce head pressure and increase energy savings resulting in more efficient operation and also support Energy Efficient Exchanger Initiatives. 

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New Vessel Fabrication

We source only the highest quality materials whether it's small components or an entire heat exchanger, you can be assured there will be no parts to fail. Global Exchanger Solutions can have new vessels built or rebuilt to exact specifications, standards and applicable codes! Our access to various sources of material and fabrication facilities reduces the turn around time by a huge margin compared to our competitors! 

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Custom Fabrication / Auxiliary Services

Our extensive resources give us access to facilities and materials all around the globe. We have a wide array of shops that provide specialized materials and offer auxiliary services such as; CNC cutting, plasma cutting, plasma marking, and oxy-torch cutting. Need custom material? We can help you!

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